17P (hydroxy progesterone caproate injections)

It is known that 17P injections decrease the probability of having a preterm delivery in patients who have delivered prematurely before.  It is usually started between the 16-20 weeks of pregnancy and given  weekly  until the 36-37th week of pregnancy.  Our nurses will visit the patient and administer the injection every week for the indicated period of time.  The medication and the  supplies required for its administration  will be provided by us. Our staff will contact the patient weekly to verify compliance and the referring obstetrician will receive regular reports.

Subcutaneos antiemetic therapy

Some patients develop nausea and vomiting during pregnancy that is not alleviated by the usual oral  medications. Sometimes patients have severe vomiting and loose significant weight.  This could also lead to dehydration and admissions to the hospital for intravenous hydration and medications.

Our program consists of the use of a  continuous subcutaneous infusion pump with Zofran to help decrease the episodes of nausea and vomiting. The patient will be visited  by  our nurses who will  educate them about signs and symptoms of dehydration as well as recommended diet and nutritional advice.  The patients will be contacted on a daily basis by our nurses to see how they are responding to the therapy, provide nutritional advice and  titrate  the doses of the medication according to patient’s response. There is also 24/7 nursing availability over the phone to answer any questions.  The patient’s doctor will receive a weekly status report explaining the patient’s condition.



Zofran Pump