Gestational Hypertension Management

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Some patients develop hypertension during pregnacy and this needs to be closely monitored. Our program for the management of hypertension during pregnacy includes nursing services and all necessary equipment and supplies for the measurement of blood pressure. Our nurses will visit the patient and instruct them on important signs and symptoms, how to measure the blood pressure and the urine protein. The patient will be called on a daily basis to collect data from blood pressure, urine protein, weight and fetal movement counts. There is also 24/7 nursing availability over the phone to answer questions or doubts. The patient will receive a weekly status report explaining the patient condition.

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Our staff includes highly trained obstetrical nurses, obstetricians and maternal-fetal specialists. We provide individualized care to address each patient’s needs. Our site includes prenatal educational information and current treatment recommendations for many conditions. All information is for educational purposes. Your healthcare professional should always be consulted for specific treatment recommendations.

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