17P (hydroxy progesterone caproate injections)

It is known that 17P injections decrease the probability of having a preterm delivery in patients who have delivered prematurely before. It is usually started between the 16-20 weeks of pregnancy and given weekly until the 36-37th week of pregnancy. Our nurses will visit the patient and administer the injection every week for the indicated period of time. The medication and the supplies required for its administration will be provided by us. Our staff will contact the patient weekly to verify compliance and the referring obstetrician will receive regular reports.

Our staff

Our staff includes highly trained obstetrical nurses, obstetricians and maternal-fetal specialists. We provide individualized care to address each patient’s needs


The program includes:

  • The medicines & supplies
  • Specialized nurses weekly visits to administer the medicine to the patient at her home or place of work
  • Nurses phone calls for support



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